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Wilson Staff Women's DUO Soft+ Golf Ball

Wilson Staff Women's DUO Soft+ Golf Ball

Stuart Roberts

Velociticor is the keyword in these DUO Soft+ golf balls, which have been designed to help send the ball higher and further from the tee whilst producing plenty of feel in your short game.

The Velociticor technology features advanced material in the core, which maximises the power you put into your swing for improved launches. This is also helped by the ultra-low compression of the ball that helps slow-to-medium swing speeds go further.

Key features and benefits:

  • A low 35 compression helps medium-to-slow swing speeds hit the ball further
  • Velociticor technology features materials that maximise the power of your swing
  • Soft feel helps produce short game control
  • Available in gloss white and ladies specific Aqua colourways

If you have a medium to slow swing speed then this ball is well worth trying out.

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